The links given below will take you to the page in Deakin Research Online where the PhD can be downloaded

Rojan Afrouz, 2020: Perceptions and Understandings about Domestic Violence among Afghan Women in Australia and Barriers to Seeking Help,

Greer Lamaro Haintz, 2019: Theorising community engagement in sexual and reproductive health promotion in South Africa,

Caroline de Moel-Mandel, 2019: Towards a nurse-led model of care for medication abortion provision in regional and rural Victoria

Siobhan Casey, 2018: Resilience in early years: understanding pretend play and self-regulation development, 

Patricia Ong, 2018: Reproductive health for the marginalised: the knowledge of young women trafficked into the sex industry in Nepal

Marina Lewis, 2017: Transitioning Towards an Ecological Paradigm: A Role for Public Health  

Shane Kavanagh, 2016: Is Gender Inequity a Risk Factor for Men’s Health?

Annemarie Gallichio, 2016: Crossing nepantla: Older Khmer women’s passage to healing in diaspora

Joanne Watson, 2016: The right to supported decision-making for people rarely heard

Julie Peters, 2016: A Feminist Posttranssexual Autoethnography on Challenging Normative Gender Coercion

Sarah Pollock, 2016: Power and participation: enhancing service user agency in social care

Krystyna Kostecki, 2015: Resistance and Reconstruction – Older Women Talk about Childhood Sexual Abuse

Greg Roberts, 2015: Into the mystic – Bereaved parents, love and spontaneous creativity

Christopher Reed, 2015: The origins, development and perceived effectiveness of horticulture- based therapy programs in Victoria

Natasha Layton, 2014: Assistive technology solutions as mediators of equal outcomes for people living with disability

Alma Dender, 2014: An investigation of play and literacy of Western Australian Indigenous children

Rachael Elliott Schmidt, 2014: In-depth case study of Australian seating service experience: stakeholders’ perspectives

Shirley Spiteri, 2014: Disadvantaged locations and transition: Lived lives of students demonstrating resilience

Elyse Warner, 2014: Returning to co-residence: The experiences of young adults and parents

Jonathan Kingsley, 2014: If the land is healthy… it makes the people healthy

Stephen Fisher, 2014: Involving Men to End Violence against Women – A Critical Approach

Kerry William Kim Benton, 2013: Emotionality in same-sex attracted men’s sexual scripting – Four expatriate men in Burma tell their stories

Sarah Epstein, 2013: Mothers and Sons: Feminist Maternal Practice with Boys

Georgia Birch, 2013: Researching the relationship between physical activity and motherhood in older Somali women

Cameron Boyd, 2012: Measuring harm – Governing the effects of child sexual abuse

Pete French, 2012: Staking a claim: analysing interventionist discourses of men’s family violence

Catherine Seymour, 2012: The violence of gender: Australian policy responses to violence.

Leanne Johnson, 2012: Development of a retention model for child protection workers.

Jack Migdalek, 2012: Embodied choreography and performance of gender.

Clare Land, 2012: The politics of solidarity with indigenous struggles in Southeast Australia.






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