Taylor Nally

Exploring the use of resources to support gender equality in workplaces

This qualitative study aimed to explore the use of resources to support the creation of gender equality in Australian workplaces. A purposive sample of 12 informants with experience and/or interest in gender equality work participated in semi-structured interviews. The findings highlighted workplace characteristics influence a workplace’s chosen approach to address existing gender inequality, and the resources used to guide that approach. To embed gendered considerations into a workplace, organisations must gain internal investment in this work and develop a shared understanding of gender equality amongst staff. Mechanisms such as drawing on the evidence-base, developing internal communications strategies, establishing a working group, undertaking training, conducting an audit, and reviewing policies and procedures were used to embed gender-based considerations into the workplace and foster a culture which values gender equality. A range of resources to underpin most of these approaches were discussed by informants. Informants had a sound understanding of approaches they could use to address existing inequality, however, most informants lacked knowledge about what resources existed to support them to undertake their chosen approach. A clearer online outlet needs to be established for workplaces to access a compilation of existing resources and any evaluation on their use. The supporting organisations of this research were Cancer Council Victoria, EACH and Women’s Health East.

A copy of the full thesis is available here.


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